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January 2019 Coaches Spotlight – Regina Mackay

This month with everything going on with my new venture I thought I would take an opportunity to highlight someone from my amazing staff at Bayport CrossFit.

The “Coaches Spotlight” this month goes to Regina Mackay. I can’t say enough how much Coach Regina has helped throughout this process. It is amazing to see people really step up to the plate when times get a little hard without even being asked. I can’t even list all of the things that she has helped me with but I could easily say that she is a big part of how the gym is running so well right now in my absence. Beyond all of that, Coach Regina has managed to grow our CrossFit kids program beyond anything I ever could have imagined, it’s still growing thanks to her. I can’t say how lucky we all are to have her as part of our amazing community, and I am happy to recognize her for all of her amazing efforts. There may even come a day where she actually gets paid for all of this:) ( just kidding).

Let’s hear it for Coach Regina. If you have anything to share about how she has helped you at any point speak up and share with us.

Here’s what some of the kids have to say:

“She gives me confidence.” – Lizzie

“She makes working on fun.” – Mason

“Regina is a great coach! She is always very nice to all of us, she also tries her very best to teach us every class, she is also very positive and has a great attitude!” – Sadie

“Anytime you say something funny she laughs” – “She’s careful, helpful and funny” – Peyton

“She doesn’t give up on anybody” – “ She hilarious” – “she’s kind” – Nesi

“She’s persuasive.” – Alex

“She’s nice and the best person and strong.” – Kate

“She’s really positive.” – Elizabeth

“She’s really encouraging.” – Kaylee

“She’s nice and understanding, she doesn’t push you further then you can handle.” – Sam

“She gives everyone a chance to learn.” – Juliette

“She’s Motivating.” – Luke

“She’s is super nice and kind.” – Julieann

“Coach Regina is cool and teaches us to be fit.” -Bryan

“She is nice, respectful, and funny. She has us play fun games like the marker game.” – James


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