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December 2018 Member Spotlight – Beth Miller

How your Crossfit Journey started?

Sometimes you make decisions that will change your life forever, but you don’t know it at the time.  Right now I’m picturing myself walking into Bayport Crossfit almost 3 years ago.  I felt that little nervous buzz I always get when I’m about to do something scary but awesome. It’s the same sensation I had sky diving or traveling alone with no itinerary. This is how I know I’m pushing my limits and leveling up.

That was in March 2016.  I walked in, did whatever a WOD meant, got caught up in the whirlwind, and signed up.

But the next day was a whole different story. I was actually shaking when I pulled into the parking lot because now I KNEW what went on behind those garage doors.  I was nervous. I was intimidated. And I was psyched.

I’ve “exercised” since I was a teenager, almost every day, because it literally saves my quality of life.  When I was a little kid I got an Auto Immune Disease that makes people overweight, anxious, and depressed– especially because it causes long term complications and is super hard to control.  And since that wasn’t the sparkling future I dreamed of, I started to view exercise, nutrition, and positive thoughts as medicine.  I realized there are things you can do to be powerful when you are powerless, that you can feel good even when life “isn’t”.

To beat statistics, you have to be the boss of your own reality.

How has Crossfit impacted your life?

I have never ever thought of myself as an athlete, even though I’ve rode every fitness trend in human history:  boxing, circuit training, yoga, pilates, cardio + supersets, running, pushing a stroller with a crying baby for miles, P90x, Spin, Step….I could go on.  I mean- I’m not going to lie- I even owned a Shake Weight. I think there are  a lot of women like me who have been dedicated to “fitness” all their lives but never qualified as “athletes” because we didn’t play sports.  At 44 years old- after over 30 years of exercising- crossfit enabled me to feel like  an actual athlete because I compete against my own limits.

What I love about the crossfit model is that it’s a fool-proof formula. Show up + work hard= you will get stronger and your body will change.   The dynamic combination of exercises in each WOD means I don’t underperform or hit plateaus.

I also have this new respect for the strengths of each body type… and what it takes to become better at your deficits.  Anyone who has worked out with me knows I’m not the strongest olympic lifter, that my hips are like the Tin Man’s, and my Assault Biking looks more like I’m riding a beach cruiser on Fire Island with a bloody mary in my hand.  But I’ve never met a rope climb or a dead lift I didn’t love, and strict pull ups are my idea of having a good time.

But really, I just come to Bayport Crossfit to have fun.  I love being with people who aren’t afraid to work hard, who have a creative spirit, and who take risks to see what’s possible. This is a community who strategizes about the workout, supports each other through it, and then laughs in the lobby after.  There’s a lot of love in that box. The vibe is exactly what it should be. No one cares if you’re a crossfit superhero or an out-of-breath newbie. As long as you’re trying, you belong.

Describe any future or past Challenges you have done or are training for. ie – 5k, sparten race, new job, Crossfit competition etc.

Over the last 2 years I expanded my psychotherapy practice and bought/renovated a 100 year old office building.  The challenges have been ridiculous but I keep telling myself this is just food for my inner bad ass.  Apparently my inner bad ass must have been really hungry but the work was definitely worth it. I bent over backwards to keep my same daily schedule at crossfit because it helped me stay focused and positive when life was constantly unstable.   Since resiliency is transferable- and the only way to become stronger in life is to pick up heavy things- crossfit has made me more powerful at everything I do.

Describe some personal goals you would like to achieve at the gym.

On the chance that I don’t qualify for the Crossfit games this year, my big personal goal will be to get to my regular 9:30 am class on time AT LEAST ONCE before the New Year. It’s a reach, I know, but I’ve got the eye of the tiger.  Other than that, I would like to squat below parallel consistently, learn butterfly pull ups, and find out what Belynda and Regina put in their Wheaties so I can keep up with them.

Describe some personal goals you would like to achieve in your personal life.

My bucket list items include very long hikes, more meditation retreats, belly dancing classes, singing lessons, making more time to read, and a million other things.  But my most important goal is to spend time with the people I love even when I don’t think there’s time.

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