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October 2018 Member Spotlight – Kate Lotz

How your Crossfit Journey started?

It started about 65 pounds ago. I had gone to a fundraiser and won a free, one month membership to Bayport Crossfit. It seemed exciting, but also very intimidating (I’m sure for most first timers). I wondered how I would walk into a gym, where I believed everyone would be in top notch physical shape, overweight. So the gift certificate just hung up on my refrigerator.  I had always played sports throughout my life, both private leagues and school teams, but as I got older I stopped being so active and sort of let myself go physically. I looked at that damn gift certificate every day. Finally something clicked. There was still no way in hell I was walking into a Crossfit gym overweight, so I started walking and joined a “regular” gym (by the way, I don’t think I could EVER get used to working out in that type of environment ever again). I would walk 6-10 miles a day. I started eating what I thought was “better” (aka eating diet, chemically processed foods that were low in calories). The weight was coming off but I felt awful. I had no energy and zero muscle tone. I needed a change. I wanted to keep up with making my physical fitness as a priority, but I also wanted to see results, not just shed pounds. After almost 2 years of looking at that gift certificate every single day (and Mike’s poor penmanship on it), I decided to try the Intro Class in January 2016.  It was terrifying to walk into but in speaking to the people in my class, we realized we were all in the same boat. We quickly became friendly with one another and kept each other accountable for going through texts or Facebook. The classes just weren’t the same if even one person was missing. My original plan was to try it out and then leave after my month. That never happened. I never left. And I would not change a thing. I have formed some very solid and meaningful relationships with many people at this gym. It’s what makes this place so great. Also, i wish I used that gift certificate 2 years earlier  because I quickly learned that Crossfit is for anybody, no matter what your age is, your weight is, or your physical ability. So in a nutshell, my  Crossfit journey began when I started the intro class and then signed up for a membership after completing that!

How has Crossfit impacted your life?

Since starting Crossfit, I have made exercise and physical activity a top priority in my life. When I take a day off (whether it be from going to the gym, running, or any other form of exercise) my day just doesn’t feel complete. In the beginning of my “Crossfit Journey” as you like to call it, I was going to just see physical results (weight loss, muscle tone). This has turned to wanting to improve (whether it be form or technique) and to get stronger. I’m starting to now realize that in order to make these improvements, sometimes I need to take a few steps back, and that’s ok. With the recent nutrition challenge, I learned more about what I am putting in my body for fuel. I  learned more about making healthier choices when it comes to food. Even though the challenge is over, I still try to incorporate these healthy choices into my diet and routine daily. I try to push the importance of physical activity onto those around me, including my friends (who are probably sick of hearing about Crossfit),  family, and my students. I am THRILLED to see so many of my former students involved in the Spectrum Strength Crossfit classes that we offer!

Describe any future or past Challenges you have done or are training for ie-5k, sparten race, new job, Crossfit competition etc. if none you could leave blank

In case you weren’t aware, I am currently training for the NYC Marathon on November 4, with another member (also a good friend and colleague), Meghan.  I ran track in high school but only to keep in shape for soccer season. I didn’t start really running until last year. I ran my first 5Ks  in April and May of 2017. Then another member, Nicole, convinced me to signup for a 15K in Port Jeff the night before the race (with no training). I thought she was crazy but I did it and had a decent time too for the distance and the course. I credit my Crossfit workouts for my body being able to do this. I honestly thought I would be able to do both Crossfit workouts and marathon train simultaneously. I am still doing both but as my runs get longer, it is becoming harder and harder to attend Crossfit classes on a daily basis. My body is requiring more recovery time and it’s absolutely killing me that I’m not able to get to the gym everyday. However, the coaches have all been really accommodating with letting me modify the workouts in order to not hurt myself while recovering from long runs. So allow me to apologize in advance for the weekly NYC Marathon posts and training run pictures. Meghan and I are doing this because we were asked to by a local charity, EJ Autism, to do the marathon on their team. How could we say no (even though neither one of us had run anything longer than 10 miles)?!  They give so much to our school and to our students so we really couldn’t say no. So all these posts aren’t to “toot our own horns” but rather to raise awareness for the kids we love so much!

Describe some personal goals you would like to achieve at the gym

My cardio is pretty good so I would like to work on improving my form when it comes to weights. I still get intimidated by weight workouts and sometimes tend to hold back, but then there are times when I think I can go heavy and my form is complete sh*t. I need to find that balance where I know when it’s ok to go heavy or when I need to go lighter (even if I am strong enough to lift the weight) in order to not compromise form and improve on form and technique. How many times did I use the word “form” in this question? Ha! I’m tired. I’m not sure if you know, but I’m training for a marathon… 😉

Describe some personal goals you would like to achieve in your personal life

I have built some pretty amazing friendships and relationships at Bayport Crossfit. With this being said, we are all pretty comfortable sharing things we love with one another or addressing things that bother us without being offended. This communication is extremely important in order  to maintain such important relationships. I am learning and trying to be more aware when speaking to others. Rather than jumping on the defense to respond to someone, I am trying to first evaluate where this person is coming and perhaps wait on my response time. Life is short. Who wants to choose to be around negativity? I just want to be kind, respectful, compassionate, and appreciative. I try to surround myself with people who encompass these traits as well.

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